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body positivity

About the Artist

Hi! I'm Julia, a playful multi-disciplinary performance artist and all around curious human.

I am inspired by vaudevillian variety theater and Living Newspaper performances from The Federal Theatre Project of the 1930's. So I love to combine my training in clowning, dance, music and circus to create topical and amusing performances that cultivate conversation and leave you curious too!

The Backstory

My mom would take me school shopping for clothes when I was a kid and I dreaded trying everything on. Fashion felt like something  for people who wanted to be put into a box, a copy cat of what was popular and trendy. I didn't like that, and I didn't like how clothes hugged my body in all the wrong places, making me feel insecure about how I looked. So I wore really baggy clothing; I could move comfortably, and no one had to look at my body.

I think many people grew up that way, scared that fashion would make them the target of outside judgement if it didn't fit right, but we ended up harshly judging ourselves instead. Our negative self talk is fueled by ads for weight loss, media attention on "the hottest celebrity diet trends" or rankings of best bodies. This affects any gender identity. Our society has become obsessed with looking "good enough" to fit into trending jeans, to wear that sexy dress, to be as hot as a celebrity, to get that date, to post that instagram picture. 

My mom told me about an NPR interview with Heather Radke, the writer of Butts: A Backstory. I was immediately interested (duh, ADHD) and bought the book. I decided this was going to be the fuel to my fire, the first light in my journey of making a full length solo show. I wanted to share some of the juicy nuggets of Gluteal history found in her book, along with my own experiences and research, to push back on the implicit bias we all have, towards the butt and our bodies. 


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