About Me

 I've been performing since I was a tot. 

I was famous for post bath song sessions in front of my mirror, nightly dance circles with stuffed animals and dragging my shy neighbor friends into music parades.

 I think my parents decided they needed to channel this energy somewhere... so they enrolled me in dance classes, but I promptly told them "I already know how to dance".

I joined a local youth theater group at 7 and studied voice and music theory privately. Continued theatrical education was made possible through my school district and local organizations--all of which fueled my interest and respect for the arts at a young age. Because of these organizations, I heavily value a sense of play which informs my work, collaborations and teaching style.

I attended The University of the Arts in Philadelphia; graduating with a BFA in Musical Theatre as well as a newfound perspective on performance styles and creativity. It was during college that I became truly curious about the arts in relation to our communities. 

While working in Philadelphia I trained aerial arts, explored physical theater techniques and took intensives with The Wilma Theater. These experiences facilitated my decision to run away and join the circus. 

I joined the Actors Gymnasium Pro-Trainer Program with the intention of expanding upon my natural movement patterns and exploring storytelling through circus. But much as I respect the traditional form of circus, it boasts the same guise as musical theater performance:

strength and beauty, a standard that is nearly impossible to uphold in everyday life.

In my current work I like to explore breaking this standard;

whether that's by holding space for others to realize their artistic potential,

sharing the stories of everyday people through artistic projects,

or reflecting on the complexities of our current existence. 




What's the deal with Sunflowers??

It's like my symbol, emblem if you will, that represents my outlook on life:

Never Stop Growing Towards the Sun. 

There will be times of darkness, but there is always a sun hiding behind the clouds; there is strength to prevail.