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#OneTakeWednesday-I post a short clip of something Circus-y I'm working on!

#SingleTakeSunday-I challenged myself to learn and sing a new song (different genre) each week, but I only get ONE take! Fun exercise in impulse work!

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Inspiration Found in Others!

An Artists Guide to Weathering the Storm.

I love the section in this blog post where Claire Lopez says, "You don't need permission to be creative". 

Come on, embrace childlike wonderment!

Voting Your Values

Mary Kay Kennedy of  The University of Minnesota and ACT organization offers her opinion on why voting matters for self-advocacy, and explains how to 'vote your values'. She even has a worksheet attached at the end of the article!

Brene Brown Commencement Speech

"The world does not ready itself for our plans"

This may be said to the grads of 2020, but it still applies to everyone right now struggling to get back up, and begin again.

Fisher Temperment Scale

Created by Helen Fisher, PhD. this test was created to isolate and identify the brain systems in question: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen. The theory was that the chemicals are linked with personality traits called "temperament suites."